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【Announcement】11.2 Tree Insect Pest control & pruning – Nanda Campus

1.Period: 2019.11.2 (Sat.) 08:30~16:30

2.Working Scopes:

     ♦Pest control

          A.Targets: Coconut trees suffered from Brontispa longissima Gestro's attack.

          B.areas: In back of the Education Building and in front of the Environmental Culture Building.

     ♦Tree pruning

          A.Targets: Street trees.

          B.Areas: On both sides of the road and in back of the Administration Building;around the Muffin house.


     ♦Contractor: Guang-Rung Landscape Company , (03)459-6835

     ♦Person in charge: Mr. Liao, 0956-105-533

     ♦Campus Contact: Ms. Huang, Division of Physical Facility and Purchase,(Campus phone:75302).

     ♦Emergency Contact for Campus Safety: Campus Security Guard,(Campus phone:75800)


          A.Pedestrians must not stop by or walk through restricted areas. Please find alternative paths.

          B.In order not to breathe in chemical toxins, we recommend reduce outdoor activities and remain indoors during the process. Also,

              prepare surgical masks if necessary.

          C.Chlorpyifos 40.8% is pesticide widely used by families and farms. Primarily for preventing agricultural pests. Accidentally consume

              or breathe in might cause numerous effect to nervous system. The effect might differ according to the amount or the time of exposure.   

          D.First aid procedures:

             ►If eyes or skin accidently exposed to pesticide:

                1.Wash immediately with plenty of running water.

                2.Send to the hospital for medical treatment.

             ►If accidently breathed in:

                1.Immediately move the patient to ventilated place.       

                2.Send to the hospital for medical treatment.

             ►Call 119 or (02)2871-7121 (Taipei Veterans General Hospital) for further instructions.

          E.Do NOT pile up sundries around the buildings of Environmental Culture and Education.

               (Please contact us beforehand if there are flammable items around.)

          F.Please remain the passage clear and keep your windows closed.

5.The completion date might be postponed due to the weather or other unexpected situations.

6.The working scopes will be temporary barricaded. Pedestrians and cars must not stop by or walk through restricted areas.



Division of Physical Facility and Purchase ,

Nanda campus, Office of General Affairs



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